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애러베이비(attababy)! 4탄.
저까지 영어로 괴롭혀드리다니.
^^ 그래도 반가운 맘에 함께 봐요. 야모. '09.6.2

Dear Mr. Lee


“Oh, Baby~. Baby~” 



I couldn’t imagine I met you in Ferricks(Tennis Court).

I got inspiration from you.

We got in high spirit on your assistance.

Your liveliness made us be active and excited.


I’m Gye sook-Kim, wife of Kil –Young-gyu.

I’m very grateful to you for your kindness to my dyslexic students.

It was honor for us to meet you.

We were deeply moved by your advice about tennis & life.

So I brought my friends & students “The Key of self championship” you told.

I really wanted to let them know you and your view of life.

I cannot forget your advice “ When you play the game, always think

about ‘Good Mistake’, not the shot you mistook.”


This chance will have us think our whole life, while living.  

I and my students look up to as our mentor.

You already became our mentor

You showed us hope and dream.


I give you some pictures and I want to share the moment we were together.

Thanks for having the chance to meet you.

Thank you very much, again.

                                                   June 2 2009 Sincerely

                                                                Gye sook-Kim

Hello Gye sook,

How nice to hear from you.

I very much enjoyed meeting you and talking to your students.

My trip to Korea was wonderful, and the highlight was meeting people

 such as youself and your students.

There has been a great deal of work done on dyslexia here in the U.S.

and there is much information on the web about support groups and

on going research on methods of teaching dyslexic children and adults.

The only problem is that none of it is in Korean.
What might be an option is to use the on line translations

such as google or alta vista babelfish to translate it to get the overall meaning.

Obviously, the translation would be nothing like the professional quality

of Mr. James Bong.

I have not had the time yet to down load the pictures (but I will) and

will keep you posted to findings I see about Dyslexia that might be

useful to you.

Tell your students hello for me, and tell them to remember;
"They have Dyslexia which is a learning gift, not a learning disorder.
Their purpose in this life is to find a creative solution to learning and

this is the gift they will give to themselves and to the world."

Warm regards from America, - Lee DeYoung


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2009-06-03 15:18
애러베이비! (야!)(모)여! 한 마디에 18번 이 드영씨가 호응했군요. 중간에 낀 타순의 친구들 한 방 씩 준비하셔야겠습니다. 박 승식표 애러베이비 시리즈가 통섭 레포츠로 발전해 많은 사람들이 즐겨 보고, 여러 모양으로 야!모이자. 다!모이자. 했으면 합니다.  애러베이비 5탄을 기다리면서....
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